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by Pepy
17 Sep 2019 02:00
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The system controls when the Down action is sent to Automagic and I don't see a way to configure this. But you could add a condition to the flow to execute different actions based on variable key_duration for the Up action. e.g. a condition Expression: key_duration > 1500 to execute subsequent acti...
by Pepy
24 Aug 2019 03:23
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Topic: Battery alert speach
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Re: Battery alert speach

Nope, you're right; none of the things you mentioned should trigger the flow. I tried unplugging the charger a few times and it didn't trigger. Perhaps it could be a coincidence. Take a look at your log and see.
by Pepy
23 Aug 2019 21:13
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Topic: Donot disturb
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Re: Donot disturb

For Marshmallow 6.0 above, the action is Set Ringer Mode + Set Interruptions Mode. You have the trigger and condition too, to check current DND mode. Didn't know Set Interruptions Mode was Do Not Disturb :lol: Isn't it just Set Ringer Mode though? According to the documentation, it looks its been d...
by Pepy
17 Aug 2019 08:31
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Topic: Regular expression tester
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Re: Regular expression tester

This video; is a great place to start. He's a very good instructor and goes over a lot of different examples.
As @Desmanto said however, you can't learn simply from reading and watching. Make sure to practice any new concepts you learn.
by Pepy
17 Aug 2019 03:47
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Topic: Alternative Method for Changing Battery Style in Status Bar
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Re: Alternative Method for Changing Battery Style in Status Bar

My friend also experience bad thing with MiXplorer. He just lost one of his important text file because MiXplorer text editor suddenly can't save the file. He have the notes for years and never backup the file. When he try to save one day, MiX just didn't want to save it. Reopen the file, it is bla...
by Pepy
18 Jul 2019 02:16
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Topic: Flow passwod protected
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Re: Flow passwod protected

Great idea, especially for flows with sensitive information, such as a WiFi password sharing flow. This would be more secure than creating a flow for this, since it can be disabled or the Automagic Service can be stopped. Some people may prefer just locking the entire app though, but that can probab...
by Pepy
18 Jul 2019 01:28
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Topic: Discord-like Search Functionality for Flows
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Discord-like Search Functionality for Flows

In the main screen of Automatic, to make the search function even more powerful, I was thinking of implementing special keywords. These are some that I can think of: Element(s): You can specify specific elements you want to search for. For example, let's say I want to search for the keyword "alarms"...
by Pepy
18 Jul 2019 01:07
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Topic: "flow enabled/disabled" trigger
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Re: "flow enabled/disabled" trigger

I hope this is already on your To-Do list Martin :D For example, I could have a main flow for screen recording that enables subflows such as Show Touch Inputs or Stop When Screen is Turned Off when a notification on status bar with specific text is detected using RegEx. In this case, I would want to...
by Pepy
05 Jul 2019 21:24
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Topic: Navigation bar trigger and Modify Navigation Bar Buttons
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Re: Navigation bar trigger and Modify Navigation Bar Buttons

Definitely looking forward to seeing this be implemented.
An great example of what this action can be used for is in this Tasker project someone posted on Reddit utilizing custom buttons depending on situation, such as what app is running, for quick shortcuts.
by Pepy
04 Jul 2019 20:17
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Topic: Issue with flow_name
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Re: Issue with flow_name

The best and easiest way to do this is like Desmanto said:
Desmanto wrote:
09 Dec 2018 17:24
You have to save the flow name to some other variable first, so it won't changed.