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by Helios
15 Oct 2019 12:43
Forum: Flow Sharing Area
Topic: Auto Dark Mode (Android 10)
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Re: Auto Dark Mode (Android 10)

Thank you!
Very interesting.

Could you provide some hint?
How did you find out which Java calls must be executed for this purpose?
by Helios
05 Dec 2018 10:53
Forum: User Help / Bug Reports
Topic: global variable
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Re: global variable

Maybe it is notable that changing a List or Map by, for example, adding or altering elements, does not trigger the flow.
It is only triggered if a new value is assigned to that global variable.
by Helios
29 Nov 2018 14:43
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Built-in flow stack variable
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Re: Built-in flow stack variable

Hi, you do not necessarily need to use a global var (global_prev_flow). Simply use prev_flow (non global var). The executed flow will inherit the execution context with all variables of the parent flow. Although this is no...
by Helios
09 Nov 2018 21:37
Forum: User Help / Bug Reports
Topic: Where is UNDO ?
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Re: Where is UNDO ?

As far as I could see, there are two types of undo 1) Undo in Flow View. This can be used, e.g. to undo movements of flow items or adding/removing of actions/conditions etc. 2) There is also an undo for Script Editing (Action: Script/UI Control, Condition: Expression). But this one is only visible i...
by Helios
08 Nov 2018 12:28
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Topic: Control UI Questions
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Re: Control UI Questions

There is also

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if no ID is available.
You could also do something like

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while(not click("OK") AND loop < 100) {
  loop = loop + 1;
because all

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click(), clickById()
operations return a boolean whether the click was successfull or not.
by Helios
05 Nov 2018 10:40
Forum: User Help / Bug Reports
Topic: Announce time every 5 minutes
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Re: Announce time every 5 minutes

You probably want to have a look into this trigger: You can configure it to run every 5min. The connect this trigger to the speech output action as indicated by digitalstone. The main problem with the "sleep+loop" appro...
by Helios
01 Nov 2018 18:30
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Create and Attach Tags/Labels to Flows
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Re: Marking flows based on progress?

Another approach for this would be to give those Flows a specific tag in the name, e.g. WIP.
You can then use the search to find these flows.
If you use some nice emoji - something like " :!: " - you just need one symbol to search for ;)
But yes, it's another workaround...
by Helios
30 Oct 2018 22:32
Forum: General
Topic: Random wallpaper
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Re: Random wallpaper

Hi, maybe you could do the following. Start with your trigger. Connect it to a Script action: wallpapers = newList("Name of wallpaper 1.", "Name of wallpaper 2.", "Name of wallpaper 3.", ...); random_wallpaper = getRandomElement(wallpapers); Then use your action (Set Live Wallpaper), but use {random...
by Helios
30 Oct 2018 08:06
Forum: User Help / Bug Reports
Topic: Please help with Location Based WiFi On/Off
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Re: Please help with Location Based WiFi On/Off


how do you detect your location? Which location mode do you use?
If it is Energy Saving, only Wifi is used to locate you. Thus once you turn off Wifi, you location cannot be gathered anymore.
by Helios
28 Oct 2018 19:06
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Topic: Syntax for dictionary in Script action?
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Re: Syntax for dictionary in Script action?

@Desmanto You are totally right. In case you need a simple map, the newMapFromValues() function is sufficient. But in case you want to have a more complex object, e.g. obj = fromJSON( '{"key1": [1, 2, 3, 4], "key2": {"sub1": true, "sub2": false} }' ) vs. obj = newMapFromValues( "key1", newList(1, 2,...