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by vitalypakin
13 May 2013 20:11
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Toggle Network mode
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Re: Toggle Network mode

Hello, dear developer. "Me too" and I know that this is hardly released feature but hope You can break down the trends. ;) RedPanda, As far as i know there is possibility to implement this feature by yourself by executing the root command sending the AT commands directly to modem. Different modems w...
by vitalypakin
13 May 2013 19:52
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: FTP codepage change option
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FTP codepage change option

Hello, dear developer of unique and powerful application. Looking forward to "FTP codepage" change option in FTP actions. During organizing my FTP backup functionality got a problem uploading file with russian letters in filename to my FTP server with Windows-1251 codepage. --Program log-- FTP comma...