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by fytos
09 Aug 2019 18:45
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Topic: Wake up/hibernate w key on/off
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Re: Wake up/hibernate w key on/off

Is there a way to hibernate the phone as you say?
There are a lot of apps that set the display to 15 seconds or 5 but I want to set it in a flow so I can turn the display off straight'way without a 5 seconds delay. I used the normal turn off but I have to put a password to turn it on again :)
by fytos
29 May 2019 22:48
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Topic: Geofencing
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Re: Geofencing

For Wifis if I go away from the wifi (office) it waits for 60 seconds, turns wifi off and asks me if I want the wifi. If I say yes it turns it on and connects to the strongest signal (I have 3 Wifis with no bridge so different information). If I say no or nothing it keeps it off. I'm thinking of roo...
by fytos
21 Nov 2017 19:37
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Topic: Let's develop an assistant
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Re: Let's develop an assistant

I'm only commenting to say this post about an assistant is great!! All the android needs is an OFFLINE assistant!! At the beginning, it was not doing anything but when I changed the input language to en-GB the test with flashlight worked!!! I also want to ask one thing. The language ... is it C++ or...