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by patrick2point2
10 Jan 2018 11:15
Forum: Flow Sharing Area
Topic: High Volume Warning - Another option
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Re: High Volume Warning - Another option

if above doesn't work. another way: quoted from XDA: "This doesn't work because there is another setting that overrides "audio_safe_volume_state" and that is "unsafe_volume_music_active_ms"in the secure settings. This value counts up in ms and once it reaches 72000000ms (20 hours) it will reset the...
by patrick2point2
12 Nov 2017 00:05
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: App Shortcut
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App Shortcut

Can you update the app? Like adding app shortcut (short press the icon to show shortcuts) "stop services" or "start services" or "clear log"
by patrick2point2
09 Oct 2017 23:24
Forum: Flow Sharing Area
Topic: Youtube Auto click on "Subscriptions"
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Re: Youtube Auto click on "Subscriptions"

If you're using marshmallow u just long press the YouTube icon then "subscriptions"
by patrick2point2
03 Oct 2017 18:59
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Colored/hyperlinked Log Viewer
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Colored/hyperlinked Log Viewer

Can we have colored log viewer?
All trigger and action are different color and possible hyperlinked flows so we can just click it and go directly to the box or condition/action