The evaluation version can be used to test all features of Automagic Premium for 10 days. The evaluation version is limited to a maximum of twenty flows.


Steps to install the evaluation version on your device

  1. Enable Unknown Sources in SettingsSecurity of your Android device when available. This is required since the app is not installed using Google Play. On newer versions of Android you might have to enable the setting for the app that tries to install Automagic in the third step. Android will ask for this in step three.
  2. Download the file Automagic_1_37_0.apk to your device.
  3. When the download has finished, install the app by selecting the download notification. You can also install the app using a file manager. You might have to temporarily disable apps that show a screen overlay when the install button of the device does not work.
  4. You can disable Unknown Sources again.