Condition - Host Reachable

The condition Host Reachable tests whether a host can be reached by either opening a TCP-connection using a socket or by executing a ping command.


  • Check once an hour if a server can be reached or not.
Type of the check:
  • Automatic: Tries to connect to the host to port 7 to determine if the host is available. This method might use ping on some versions of Android.
  • Socket: Tries to establish a TCP-connection to the specified host and port. The host is only considered to be reachable when the connection can be successfully established.
  • Ping: Checks the reachability of the host using a ping-command (only one echo-request is sent). This option only works when the ping-command is available on the device.
The host to check. Variables are supported.
The port to connect to (only for type=Socket). Variables are supported.