Condition - Confirmation Dialog

The condition Confirmation Dialog shows a dialog with a question and continues flow execution depending on the button pressed.


  • Turn on bluetooth but ask for confirmation first.
The optional title of the dialog. Variables are supported.
The text of the question to ask. Variables are supported.
False Button / True Button
The text labels of the buttons that execute the true/false-branch of the condition. Variables are supported.
Behavior on Back button
Whether to ignore the back button or to confirm the dialog with true or false.
Activate Timeout
Whether an automatic timeout should be used when the user does not react within the specified time.
The amount of time to automatically close the dialog and to continue the flow.
Value on Timeout
Whether the flow should be continued on the true- or false-branch.
A variable is a container for a value that can be used in many actions and conditions to dynamically define a part of a text.
See action Script for a description.

Supplied Variables
the operation used to close the dialog.

Can be one of:
  • yes when the user pressed the Yes-button
  • no when the user pressed the No-button
  • timeout when the dialog was closed by a timeout
  • cancel when the user pressed the back key and the appropriate option is set