Decimal Format Pattern

Symbol Location Localized? Meaning
0 Number Yes Digit.
@ Number No Significant digit.
# Number Yes Digit, leading zeroes are not shown.
. Number Yes Decimal separator or monetary decimal separator.
- Number Yes Minus sign.
, Number Yes Grouping separator.
E Number Yes Separates mantissa and exponent in scientific notation. Does not need to be quoted in prefix or suffix.
+ Exponent Yes Prefix positive exponents with localized plus sign. Does not need to be quoted in prefix or suffix.
; Subpattern boundary Yes Separates positive and negative subpatterns.
% Prefix or suffix Yes Multiply by 100 and show as percentage.
(\u2030) Prefix or suffix Yes Multiply by 1000 and show as per mille.
¤ (\u00A4) Prefix or suffix No Currency sign, replaced by currency symbol. If doubled, replaced by international currency symbol. If present in a pattern, the monetary decimal separator is used instead of the decimal separator.
' Prefix or suffix No Used to quote special characters in a prefix or suffix, for example, "'#'#" formats 123 to "#123". To create a single quote itself, use two in a row: "# o''clock".
* Prefix or suffix boundary Yes Pad escape, precedes pad character.


The example use the number 1234.567.