Action - Zip Files

The action Zip Files creates a Zip archive containing the specified files and directories.


  • Zip all files in directory /mnt/sdcard/xyz/ to the zip file /mnt/sdcard/
Source Files
A comma separated list of files or directories to zip. Glob patterns can be used to match multiple files. Variables are supported.
  • /mnt/sdcard/export* matches all files with a name starting with export in folder /mnt/sdcard
The files in the ZIP file are stored relative based on the parent directory of the files to archive:
  • Source Files /mnt/sdcard/export* will store all export* files directly (without parent folder) in the ZIP file
  • Source Files /mnt/sdcard/download/ (note the trailing slash) will store all files in folder download directly (without parent folder) in the ZIP file
  • Source Files /mnt/sdcard/download (no trailing slash) will store the folder download and its contained files in the ZIP file
ZIP File
The absolute path of the target ZIP file to create. Variables are supported.
Show progress notification
Whether or not to show a notification on the statusbar indicating the progress of the operation.