Action - Start Activity

The action Start Activity starts an activity using the specified intent. Please also see the documentation of the Android Intent class.
Tip: Some activities require special permissions to be launched. Check the log after testing the action when an activity fails to start.


  • Start a specific action exposed by another application.
  • Start a Skype call:
    • Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
    • Data URI: skype:echo123
  • Dial a number (without calling):
    • Action: android.intent.action.DIAL
    • Data URI: tel:99
  • Starting a mail app with a predefined subject:
    • Action: android.intent.action.SEND
    • Data MIME Type: text/plain
    • Extras: putString("android.intent.extra.SUBJECT", "test")
The action to use in the intent. Variables are supported.
Category List
The list of categories as a comma separated list to add to the intent. Variables are supported.
Data URI
The data URI to set on the intent. Variables are supported.
Mime Type
The mime type to set on the intent. Variables are supported.
Package Name
The specific package to launch. Variables are supported.
Class Name
The specific activity to launch. Variables are supported.
Launch bounds (Android 7+)
Whether the activity should be started at the defined position and size. This feature only has an effect on devices supporting freeform mode. Variables are supported.
Flag List
The flags to add to the intent. Note that the flag Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK is always added to the intent.
A script used to add an unlimited number of extras to the intent.

Additionally to the regular built in functions of Automagic also the following functions are available to add the extras to the intent:
  • putString(key, value)
  • putBoolean(key, value)
  • putFloat(key, value)
  • putDouble(key, value)
  • putByte(key, value)
  • putShort(key, value)
  • putChar(key, value)
  • putInt(key, value)
  • putLong(key, value)
  • putUri(key, value)
  • putBooleanArray(key, value)
  • putByteArray(key, value)
  • putIntArray(key, value)
  • putIntegerArrayList(key, value)
  • putLongArray(key, value)
  • putFloatArray(key, value)
  • putDoubleArray(key, value)
  • putShortArray(key, value)
  • putCharArray(key, value)
  • putStringArray(key, value)
  • putStringArrayList(key, value)
  • putUriArray(key, value)
  • putUriArrayList(key, value)

putString("key1", "Hello");
putBoolean("key2", true);
putDouble("key3", 1.23);
putInt("key4", 42);
putInt("key5", a+4*b);
See action Script for a description of the scripting language.
Wait for result
Whether Automagic should wait for the activity to return a result (only works when supported by the activity).
Access Result Extras
Script to access the extras in the returned intent.
Following functions are supported:
  • getString(String key)
  • getChar(String key, String defaultValue)
  • getBoolean(String key, Boolean defaultValue)
  • getFloat(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getDouble(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getByte(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getShort(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getInt(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getLong(String key, Number defaultValue)
  • getBundle(String key)
  • getUri(String key)
  • getBooleanArray(String key)
  • getByteArray(String key)
  • getShortArray(String key)
  • getCharArray(String key)
  • getIntArray(String key)
  • getIntegerArrayList(String key)
  • getLongArray(String key)
  • getFloatArray(String key)
  • getDoubleArray(String key)
  • getStringArray(String key)
  • getUriArray(String key)
  • getUriArrayList(String key)
  • getParcelableAsString(String key)
  • getParcelableArrayAsString(String key)
  • getParcelableArrayListAsString(String key)
  • getParcelable(String key)
See action Script for a description of the scripting language.
A variable is a container for a value that can be used in many actions and conditions to dynamically define a part of a text.
See action Script for a description.

Supplied Variables
result_code (only if Wait for result is enabled)
the returned result code
operation (only if Wait for result is enabled)
string "ok", when result_code was -1, "cancel" otherwise
action (only if Wait for result is enabled)
the action of the received intent
data_string (only if Wait for result is enabled)
the data of the received intent as a string
categories (only if Wait for result is enabled)
the list of categories
scheme (only if Wait for result is enabled)
the scheme of the received intent
type (only if Wait for result is enabled)
the explicitly set MIME type of the received intent