Action - Show Custom Widget Overlay (Android Wear)

The action Show Custom Widget Overlay (Android Wear) displays a custom Widget (defined within Automagic) on an arbitrary position on the display.

Warning: This function is not officially supported by Android and might not work on all devices.


  • Show the battery percentage as a semi-transparent rectangle over the statusbar.
  • Prevent accidental touches by displaying an overlay that covers the entire screen.
  • Shade the screen to a darker level than the built-in screen brightness control allows by displaying a semi transparent overlay covering the entire screen.
Android Wear device
The target device. Variables are supported.
Overlay name
The name/identification of the overlay. The same name can be used to hide the overlay using action Hide Custom Widget Overlay.
The same identification can be used in multiple actions to display the same overlay in different configurations depending on situation (e.g.different settings when in landscape or portrait).
The name of the widget to display. Variables are supported.
The size of the overlay. Variables are supported.
The position to align the overlay on the screen.
The offset of the overlay relative to the gravity. Variables are supported.
Whether the overlay can be moved on the screen using Drag&Drop.
The transparency respectively opacity of the widget.
Whether the overlay should react to clicks/touches. Warning: A clickable overlay blocks the touches of underlying elements!
Stretch widget
Whether the widget should be stretched to fill the entire area of the overlay.
Attempt to show on top
Whether Automagic should attempt to show the widget on top of everything else (over statusbar and lock screen). This option might not work on all devices, especially on newer versions of Android (Android 8+). This option can prevent certain apps like video players to temporarily override the screen brightness.