Action - Set Lock PIN/Password

The action Set Lock PIN/Password sets the PIN/Password of the screen lock or resets the screen lock.

The action can be used to deactivate the screen lock:

  1. Important: Set the screen lock in the settings of Android to 'None'
  2. activate the desired PIN/Password screen lock in the settings of Android
  3. use the option 'Clear PIN/Password' in the action to disable the screen lock
Note: The procedure might not work on all Android versions. The screen lock will not be dismissed when the lock screen is currently showing on screen.

Starting with Android 7, you can only use the action to set the PIN/Password when no PIN/Password is set yet so you can no longer use the action to remove a PIN/Password, except when Automagic is set as the device owner.


  • Deactivate the screen lock when you are connected to the WiFi at home.
Clear or Set PIN/Password
Whether to set a PIN/Password or to clear the PIN/Password.
PIN or Password
Whether you want to set a PIN or a Password.
Manual or from Variable
Whether the PIN/password is defined within the action itself or whether the action should set the PIN/password contained in a variable at the time when the action is executed.
The PIN to set.
The password to set.
The name of the variable containing the PIN/Password to use (at the time the action is executed).