Action - Set Data Roaming State

The action Set Data Roaming State turns the global data roaming setting on or off.

Warning: This function requires root access, is not officially supported by Android and might not work on all devices.
Note: adb can be used on some versions of Android to grant the permissions to execute the action without root:

  1. Install adb on a computer (search internet on how to install adb)
  2. enable USB Debugging in System settings -> Developer options on your Android device
  3. connect your Android device to the computer
  4. execute following command in a terminal: adb shell pm grant ch.gridvision.ppam.androidautomagic android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

  • Activate data roaming abroad every morning for 10 minutes to synchronize the mails and deactivate data roaming again for the rest of the day.
Data Roaming
Whether to turn data roaming on or off.