Action - Remove Notification on Statusbar

The action Remove Notification on Statusbar removes the specified or all notifications on the statusbar added by the action Notification on Statusbar.


  • Show a notification when a sound profile is active and remove the notification when the sound profile is deactivated.
Notification Type
Whether the action should affect only notifications of Automagic or notifications of all apps in general (Android 4.3+)
Automagic Notification ID
The ID of the notification to remove. The ID must match the ID used in the action Notification on Statusbar. Variables are supported.
All removes all removable notifications of Automagic irrespective of the ID.
Whether to remove all removable notifications or only the notifications of the specified app.
Package Names
The names of the packages/apps to remove the notifications from. Variables are supported.
Notification ID
The ID of the notification to remove. Variables are supported.
Trigger Notification on Statusbar Displayed provides the ID of the notification in variable id. Use {id} to remove the notification that triggered the flow.
Defines the text that must be contained in one of the available fields. Variables are supported for contains text and matches glob.