Action - Perform Action on Notification on Statusbar

The action Perform Action on Notification on Statusbar clicks the notification or one of the action buttons which are usually available in the big, expanded notification on Android 4.1+.
The flow must be executed by a trigger Notification on Statusbar Displayed or the action after a condition Notification on Statusbar Displayed otherwise Automagic has no possibility to access the notification.

Warning: Android 4.1+ is required. This function is not officially supported by Android and might not work on all devices.


  • Automatically archive a mail when the mail contains a specific text.
Action Type
Whether to perform a click on the notification or to perform a click on a button of the notification or to execute an action of a wearable.
The label of the button to click. The label needs to match the entered text exactly. Variables are supported.
Wearable Action
The name of the wearable action. Variables are supported.
The text to pass to the wearable action (only takes effect when the action allows text input). Variables are supported.