Action - Mail with Gmail

The action Mail with Gmail sends a mail using your Gmail account.

Note: If you have enabled 2-step verification in your Google account then you need to create an application specific password for login in the settings of your google account:


  • Forward every SMS as a mail to your inbox.
  • Send your location every 30 minutes to your girlfriend.
  • Send the new Gleeo Time Tracker backups to your inbox.
Whether to use an account available on the device (OAuth) or to enter an account name and password.
Mail Account
The account name to use like Variables are supported.
The password to your mail account. Variables are supported.

Info: The password is stored encrypted on the internal device storage and is not part of the regular flows.xml file.
The mail address of the recipient. Variables are supported.
Reply To
The address to send responses to. Variables are supported.
The subject of the mail. Variables are supported.
The message body of the mail. Variables are supported.
Body MIME Type
Whether the body should is HTML or should be interpreted as plain unformatted text.
Files to Attach
The comma separated list of files to attach. Variables are supported.

Tip: Files stored in a list by action Init Variable File List can be formatted using {files,listformat,comma} to a comma separated list.