Action - Input Dialog

The action Input Dialog shows an input dialog with an input text field, password field, single- or multi-selection list.


  • Ask the user whether he wants to turn WiFi off or not.
  • Ask for the password to use for an FTP upload.
  • Ask whether airplane mode should be activated in the evening. Activate airplane mode when the user does not respond within 30 seconds.
Input Dialog Type
The type of the input dialog to show.

Can be one of:
  • Multi-line text for multiple lines of plain text input
  • Single-line text for a single line of plain text input
  • Password for a password input
  • PIN for a pin input
  • Number to type number characters
  • Phone number to type characters used in phone numbers
  • Date to show a date picker
  • Time to show a time picker
  • Date & Time to show a dialog with a date & time picker
  • Single Choice Menu for a list of values like a menu without OK, Cancel buttons
  • Multi Choice for a list of values the user can choose multiple values from
The title of the input dialog. Variables are supported.
Prompt (only applicable to Text and Password)
The question or input description to show in the input dialog. Variables are supported.
List Values (only applicable to Single Choice and Multi Choice)
A comma separated list of values to show as values the user can choose from. Variables are supported.
Default Value
The default value provided when the user does not change the input value. This value is also provided when the user cancels the dialog or hits the back key. Variables are supported.
Whether the user has cancelled the dialog can be evaluated using the variable operation (see below).

The default value for date/time input types must be formatted as specified below:
  • Date: Pattern yyyy-MM-dd for example 2014-01-25 or when using a variable {variable,dateformat,yyyy-MM-dd}
  • Time: Pattern HH:mm (24-hour format) for example 14:20 or when using a variable {variable,dateformat,HH:mm}
  • Date & Time: Pattern yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm (time in 24-hour format) for example 2014-01-25 14:20 or when using a variable {variable,dateformat,yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}
Values not formatted according to the rules above are ignored.
Font size
The size of the font used to enter text values.
Activate Timeout
Whether an automatic timeout should provide a value to the flow when the user does not react within the specified time.
The amount of time to automatically close the dialog and to continue the flow.
Value on Timeout
The value to provide to the flow when a timeout occurred. Variables are supported.
  • Show when locked: Show the input dialog even when the device is locked
  • Turn screen on: Turn the screen on when the dialog is shown initially
  • Keep screen on: Keep the screen on as long as the dialog is shown (power button still allows turn off the screen)
  • Enlarge dialog width: Enlarge the width of the dialog to cover almost the entire screen
  • Keyboard hint to capitalize sentences: Give a hint to the keyboard that sentences should be started with an uppercase letter
A variable is a container for a value that can be used in many actions and conditions to dynamically define a part of a text.
See action Script for a description.

Supplied Variables
the operation used to close the dialog.

Can be one of:
  • ok when the user pressed the OK button
  • cancel when the user pressed the cancel button or the back key
  • timeout when the dialog was closed by a timeout
the selected value in the dialog or the list of values in case of Multi Choice or a date when the input dialog type was of type date/time. value for type time is the entered time of the current date.
the index of the selected value of a Single Choice list or -1 when not definable
the indices of the selected values of a Multi Choice list or -1 for every not definable value