Action - Init Variable Package Info

The action Init Variable Package Info loads information of the specified apps/packages and stores the information in a map.

Tip: Condition Debug Dialog can be used to display the keys and values stored in the map.


  • Load the list of permissions used by an app and check which permissions have been granted.

The map contains the package name as the key and a map with the queried information as value. Example shown as JSON:

          "package1": {"version_name": xyz, "version_code": 123},
          "package2": {"version_name": xyz, "version_code": 123}

Example JSON queried for one app:

          "": {
            "version_name": "6.4.12.C-all [0] 2744941", // the version name
            "version_code": 80641200, // the version number
            "first_install_time": 1230796800000, // the time at which the app was first installed (millis since 1970)
            "last_update_time": 1461091018180, // the time at which the app was last updated (millis since 1970)
            "install_location": -1, // -1=auto?, 0=auto, 1=internal only, 2=prefer external
            "application_info": {
              "data_dir": "/data/user/0/", // full path to a directory assigned to the package for its persistent data
              "class_name": "", // class implementing the Application object
              "source_dir": "/data/app/", // full path to the base APK for this application
              "label": "Google Play Store", // the label of the app (current locale)
              "uid": 10024, // the kernel user-ID that has been assigned to this application
              "icon_uri": "android.resource://", // URI to load the icon of the app
              "target_sdk_version": 23, // the API level that the application targets
              "enabled": true // whether or not the Android system can instantiate components of the application
            "requested_permissions": [
                "permission": "android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE", // the name of the permission
                "requested_permission_flag": 3, // 1=requested, 3=requested & granted
                "label": "modify or delete the contents of your USB storage", // the label of the permission
                "description": "Allows the app to write to the USB storage.", // the description of the permission
                "protection_level": 1, // protection level as number
                "protection_level_text": "dangerous", // protection level expressed as text
                "group": "android.permission-group.STORAGE", // the group name of the permission
                "group_label": "Storage", // the permission group label
                "group_description": "access photos, media, and files on your device" // the permission group description
              }, ...
            "activity_info": [
                "name": "",
                "label": "Play Store",
                "icon_uri": "android.resource://",
                "enabled": true, // whether the activity is enabled
                "exported": true // whether the activity can be used by other apps
                "permission": "" // permission required to access this activity (when defined)
            "receiver_info": [
                "name": "",
                "label": "Google Play Store",
                "enabled": true,
                "exported": true,
                "permission": ""
              }, ...
            "provider_info": [
                "name": "",
                "label": "Google Play Store",
                "authority": "",
                "enabled": true,
                "exported": false
              }, ...
            "service_info": [
                "name": "",
                "label": "Google Play Store",
                "enabled": true,
                "exported": true
              }, ...
          }, ...

Please note that additional key value pairs might be added in future versions of Automagic.

Whether to query information about all installed packages or only a few selected packages.
Package Names
The list of packages to query. Glob patterns (*, ?) are supported. Variables are supported.
Include permission infos
If information about permissions requested by the app should be queried.
Include activity infos
If information about activities defined by the app should be queried.
Include receiver infos
If information about receivers defined by the app should be queried.
Include provider infos
If information about content providers defined by the app should be queried.
Include service infos
If information about services defined by the app should be queried.
The name of the variable to store the result in.
A variable is a container for a value that can be used in many actions and conditions to dynamically define a part of a text.
See action Script for a description.

Supplied Variables
the map containing the queried information