Action - Init Variable File List

The action Init Variable File List lists all files or only the newly added files in a directory and stores the list in a variable.


  • Send all files of a directory by mail to your mail account.
  • Send all new backup files of Gleeo Time Tracker to your inbox.
The name of the variable to hold the list of files.
File Pattern
The files to list. The file pattern can contain glob pattern characters like * and ?.

  • /mnt/sdcard/folder/*
  • /mnt/sdcard/GTT-export-20120101.csv
  • /mnt/sdcard/GTT-export-*.csv
  • /mnt/sdcard/file1,/mnt/sdcard/file2,/mnt/sdcard/file3
Include changes only
Whether to store all files matching the pattern specified in File Pattern or only the new files.
A file is considered to be new when it was not available the last time this action executed or the size of the file changed or the last modified time of the file has changed since the last execution of this action.
Include file attributes
When selected, returns for each file a list of attributes with path, file type, file size and file date.
A variable is a container for a value that can be used in many actions and conditions to dynamically define a part of a text.
See action Script for a description.

Supplied Variables
the list of files