Action - Google Drive Download Files (Experimental)

The action Google Drive Download Files (Experimental) downloads multiple files and directories recursively to your device.

Warning: This action downloads all specified files and overwrites already existing target files. The files will be downloaded even when the same file already exists on the device.

Note: Google Drive allows to create duplicate files which is not possible on a regular filesystem. Automagic only considers the newest file in such a case and ignores duplicates.
Note: Google Documents are not downloaded.


  • Download each morning the newest file of keypass containing your passwords to ensure you have the newest offline copy available.
Device account
The account to access Google Drive.
Google Drive Paths
A comma separated list of files or directories to download from Google Drive. Glob patterns can be used to match multiple files. Variables are supported.
  • /backup/export* matches all files with a name starting with export in folder /backup
The absolute path of the target directory to download the files to. Variables are supported.
Show progress notification
Whether or not to show a notification on the statusbar indicating the progress of the operation.