Action - FTP Download Files

The action FTP Download Files downloads files and folders stored on an FTP server.


  • Recursively download a directory with music every morning.
Whether to use regular FTP (unencrypted), FTPS (Implicit FTP over SSL/TLS, default port 990) or FTPES (Explicit FTP over SSL/TLS).
Data Channel Protection (only for FTPS and FTPES)
Whether data transferred on the data channel should be encrypted (P) or not (C).
The name or IP and port (default 21) of the FTP server. Variables are supported.
The username to connect. Variables are supported.
The password to connect. Variables are supported.
Paths on Server
A comma separated list of files or directories to download from the server. Glob patterns can be used to match multiple files. Variables are supported.
  • /pub/export* matches all files with a name starting with export in folder /pub
Local Directory
The absolute path of the target directory to download the files to. Variables are supported.
Control Encoding
Whether to use a special encoding for the control channel or not (Encoding of file names, not the encoding of the content of text files). Variables are supported.
Show progress notification
Whether or not to show a notification on the statusbar indicating the progress of the operation.