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One app to rule them all

Posted: 25 Aug 2019 04:42
by Lucy
Lmao.. i just realized i can effectively create a task killer not to mention i have just recently done a working startup flow. I have uninstalled many apps since installing this and freed up an abundant amount of resources. -One app to rule them all i say!!!

Re: One app to rule them all

Posted: 25 Aug 2019 18:26
by Desmanto
Of course. With so many one-pony trick app out there, It is always a good thing to conserve the resource. But the return is diminishing if you already have abundant resource from beginning, let say note 10+ with 512 GB internal and 12 GB RAM. But I still consider it is better to install less app, since less app means less exposure to unknown dev out there, better privacy.

Compared to Tasker (since I am ex tasker user), I also free up some app because I don't need many plugins to do the basic things in Automagic. Tasker has been starting to implement most function built-in too, but it is still far for the integration.

I am just concern that how I can support Automagic development further. Autoapps can get a continuous fund from the subscription. While for Automagic,I already bought the app and currently I don't see how can I donate further. We have save so many resources, so we actually can divert the money that we actually planned to use it on other apps. I would rather spent my money to the dev who have made my life much easier. Yes, I can create a new account or give money to my friends or others to purchase Automagic too. But how I can ensure they don't refund it later? It will be better if Martin can implement the way so we can show our support further. I don't have any paypal account and doesn't plan on creating one. For me, it is still easier if it is thru the IAP (make it clear that it is optional purchase, playstore's price already have all the features).

Re: One app to rule them all

Posted: 12 Oct 2019 11:45
by soutre
Good point Desmanto. As mentioned in my Playstore review, I feel indebted to Martin's hard work. I would also like to support Automagic in some way probably financially since that's as useful as I'd be. These apps are growing in popularity and Automagic is far more intuitive than Tasker in my opinion. I'd like to see a refined version of Automagic with a bigger price tag and a model based on flow count. I'm thinking in the $25 range for unlimited flows? There are features still missing such as RFID and more advanced sensor usage. But this could be implemented in higher leveled API. Keep Automagic classic as free and funnel efforts to a newer version? An app like Automagic popped up recently on open source. Though it looks cleaner and is snappy overall, Automagic just has more depth and functionality.

Re: One app to rule them all

Posted: 13 Oct 2019 19:10
by Desmanto
It is better Automagic still maintain current price tag, as tasker also fall in the similar price range. But Martin simply open up IAP and stated it very clearly it is only for donation, all feature are fully unlocked after purchase.
However IAP got "taxed" by Playstore 30%, so maybe paypal donation is a better choice.

For advance usage, there are other devs creating plugin for tasker. Most of them can be used in Automagic too. Reimplementing the wheel sometimes just not worth the time. It is better for Automagic to focus on improving or adding features related to the general function and let other devs implement any specific purpose plugin.