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Telegram integration

Post by hoods » 24 Jan 2018 18:46

Hi all,

I would like to call Telegram messenger from a workflow to send a message. I have successfully setup my workflow using Telegram Bot API but unfortunately Bot to Bot communication is not allowed by the API so my Telegram Bot connected to Fhem cannot read the Telegram message I've sent from my mobile phone.

To overcome this situation I would have to use my own Telegram account (call the installed android app from automagic) or call the Chrome Telegram WebApp. Is it's possible to use telegram intents, did anybody successfully used telegram intents to send messages?

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance, Sven

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Re: Telegram integration

Post by Pfriemler » 07 Sep 2019 11:56

That's exactly my question: how to send telegram messages to my FHEM bot ...

still no hints, folks?

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