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Lineageos: WLAN and location trigger and notifications in status bar

Posted: 09 Oct 2019 21:19
by efyzz
Hi Martin,

I recently switched my Samsung Galaxy S4 from (rooted) stock firmware to Lineageos 16. On stock firmware all Automagic triggers worked well, but I regularly had problems with some permissions for Automagic. Also, the stock firmware is full of bloatware and very slow, so I was very happy that finally an official Lineageos build for the S4 was published a few weeks ago. Because the builds are very new, there will be bugs ...

But I was using a S4 Mini with Cyanogenmod before and the trigger problems were similar. As I switched to the S4 with stock firmware a few month ago, I realized that those problems are not normal - most things ran much better on stock firmware. So I think the problems could be general with Automagic and Cyanogenmod/Lineageos.

1) WLAN triggers are not reliable.
Sometimes it lasts 10 or more minutes, until a WLAN dis/connect or WLAN within/outer reach is detected. For example my phone should trigger if it dis/connects to my home WLAN or detect the WLAN at work (without connecting to it). Sometimes it triggers suddenly, sometimes very late, sometimes it does nothing. With stock firmware this worked flawlessly, but there were the same problems on my S4 Mini with Cyanogenmod.

2) Location triggers are not working.
I tried to change from WLAN to location triggers, but they do absolutely nothing. GPS is activated and I can choose the location in Automagic in a map (with radius 100m). Even if Google Maps is running and shows the location, the triggers don't do anything.

3) Notifications in status bar are not always working.
When I get home and the WLAN triggers, Automagic should show a "house" symbol in status bar and the text "home". I always get a notification on lock screen (with house symbol and text), but the symbol in the status bar does not appear sometimes. Furthermore, when I check in a condition for the notification in status bar, it sometimes ends with "false". If the return is true or false seems to be independent of the symbol in the status bar, so these are two different issues.

Last but not least I have problems with the logs on the S4. On my S4 Mini there was an option "log to SD card" and I saw logs lasting a few days. Now, on the S4, the option is called "write log in file" and the logs are very short. Often I don't see any entry in the log for a single flow. This is independent of OS (stock/Lineageos), but it differs from S4 Mini to S4. Is there any way to increase the log size?

The most urgent problem is the WLAN trigger. Is there any way make it more reliable on Lineageos?

Thanks in Advance!

Re: Lineageos: WLAN and location trigger and notifications in status bar

Posted: 10 Oct 2019 15:17
by Martin

I usually did not have any such problems with LineageOS but this might also be dependent on the device model in use.

Please try the following:
-Ensure that the location mode in the system settings is set to High Accuracy
-Ensure that WIFI scanning is turned on in the system settings
-Ensure that mobile data access is enabled
-Ensure Automagic has the location permission granted in System settings. Turn all permissions for Automagic off and on again once.
-Try to switch the method in the location trigger between Modern and Classic and test if one of the modes work.
-Ensure that no privacy guard features are enabled in system settings (in case your ROM has such settings).
-Restart the device once.

If none of this works then please enable 'Debug log' and 'Write log to file' in the settings of Automagic, wait until the problems occurred one more time and then send the log to me (menu->Log, menu->Send log).


Re: Lineageos: WLAN and location trigger and notifications in status bar

Posted: 17 Nov 2019 19:02
by efyzz
Hi Martin,

I'm just back here to say thanks, but I couldn't resolve the problems.

I tried your suggestions (if applicable), but nothing helped. The triggers work in general, but not in "real life usage". When I do tests, mostly everything works fine, but in normal daily use, mostly triggers are not working. Even easy things like "charger connected" need a few tries until they trigger. WLAN triggers need a manual WLAN scan to recognize a dis/connect or it sometimes lasts hours until it's recognized ...

It seems to be a problem with my device (Galaxy S4) and LOS 16, that could only be solved by the LOS developers. I think I have to buy another mobile ...

Re: Lineageos: WLAN and location trigger and notifications in status bar

Posted: 22 Nov 2019 17:35
by Desmanto
@efyzz : LOS has privacy guard. You must make sure Automagic is never put into privacy guard (make sure the icon is gray). Or try to disable privacy guard.

Have you tried to uninstall-reinstall Automagic? Make sure you have backup your flow/widget. Simply copy the /sdcard/Automagic folder to somewhere else.