press key enter / search ? automagic keyboard ?

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press key enter / search ? automagic keyboard ?

Post by joeko » 19 Aug 2019 11:06

i try to press key enter or search in an app. first i tried it with the ui but than i cant see the Keyboard.
than i read that i can use the automagic Keyboard. i activate it but than … nothing. i cant see it an the ui also not.
i use an Pixel 2 with Android 9. is this a bug or have i forget something?

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Re: press key enter / search ? automagic keyboard ?

Post by Desmanto » 19 Aug 2019 11:33

Automagic keyboard is to be used with Control UI, especially sendKey(). It is invisible. After you have changed the keyboard to Automagic, add another action Control UI

Code: Select all

Pay attention to the sleep, try and error, as it might affect the result.

Most of our automation will require to change the keyboard to automagic, do the control UI script, then changed back to default keyboard. You need root or at least write secure permission from adb to use the change keyboard action automatically.
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