Stop app after time

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Stop app after time

Post by OhLeut » 18 Aug 2019 10:16

I want to end a started app after 9 hours
but the app will not stop
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Re: Stop app after time

Post by Desmanto » 19 Aug 2019 05:28

Action Kill app can't kill app in foreground. You have to add action Show Home Screen first, then kill App.

BTW, it is not efficient to use sleep as long as 9 hours. It will create unnecessary wakelock, which keep your CPU awake and drain your battery much faster. (unless keep awake is one of your purpose). Better use Trigger Global Variable Date/Time in another flow. Set the timer to 9 hours in the future. You can create the glovar such as this

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global_kill_app_timer = addHours(triggertime, 9);
Then use global_kill_app_timer in another flow with the trigger Global Variable Date/Time
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