How can I block (doing) insistent calling

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Re: How can I block (doing) insistent calling

Post by Rafi4 » 13 Aug 2019 13:44

Before using these codes. First find out the exact notification_ticker_text and then use .

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contains(notifications,notification_ticker_text="Voice call received") OR  contains(notifications,notification_ticker_text="Video call received")
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Re: How can I block (doing) insistent calling

Post by Desmanto » 17 Aug 2019 16:34

@marcosnaka : If first call is going to pass thru, and only the second one within 20 minutes will be blocked, then you have to implement the blocker method. When first call is made, it enables another flow, which will hang up the call if she make second call after it. Only you and your other family member call will unblock it (disable the blocker flow).

To filter OR directly at the notification trigger, use Filter Content Title - matches regex : Bob|Anne

for notification ticker, you can filter using OR like this

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notification_ticker_text == "voice call received" OR notification_ticker_text == "video call received"
By using OR, you have to re-specify the var name for each OR. That can make it very long when you have several OR.

if the list is getting bigger, you can use containsElement() like this

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containsElement(newList("voice call received", "video call received"), notification_ticker_text)
You can add unlimited choice to the newList(), and only need to specify the var name once.

The rest, you can implement almost similar code like the first flow which enable the blocker flow, if the caller name is in the whitelist, disable the blocker flow.

So now I get the general idea of your flow :
1. She call, first call pass thru, but enable the blocker flow, enable another timer flow (period timer 20 minutes) which will disable itself and the blocker flow in another 20 minutes
2. Make another call within 20 minutes, the blocker flow aggresively hang up the call
3. Either within this 20 minutes or in other time, when the caller is in whitelist, disable the blocker flow, timer flow.
4. Caller is not in the whitelist, the blocker flow which has been active will remain active until 20 minutes passed.
5. Whatsapp still can be used for other purpose, except making call/video call to the blacklisted number will be hanged up aggresively
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Re: How can I block (doing) insistent calling

Post by marcosnaka » 23 Aug 2019 19:22

Guys, thanks so much!
I finally succeeded. All your tips were useful and now the new smartphone is ready to use. I'll give her tomorrow and hope these flows are going to avoid a lot of discomfort. :D :D

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