Unlocking touch screen rooted Moto-x

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Unlocking touch screen rooted Moto-x

Postby markd89 » 18 Apr 2014 17:17


I'm a new user of the paid version. I have a rooted Moto-X.

Background: I am using Neorouter free VPN. Neorouter gets disconnected when the phone moves on and off of wifi and requires a click to reconnect which is annoying. My flow uses Execute Root Command to click the touchscreen and reconnect. Works nice!

However, there's an issue: If the phone is locked, the UI events don't work, so I want to unlock the phone and do my flow. My phone has the default downward swipe to unlock. Any suggestions how to unlock the phone? Maybe I am missing something easy?

Thanks much!


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Re: Unlocking touch screen rooted Moto-x

Postby bichlepa » 18 Apr 2014 19:15

Have you mentioned the action "Dismiss Slide to Unlock Keyguard"?

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Re: Unlocking touch screen rooted Moto-x

Postby Martin » 19 Apr 2014 08:08


The action Dismiss Slide to Unlock Keyguard will be available in the next update of Automagic (currently available in the EAP-forum for testing purposes). Unfortunately this action does not work on all devices since some manufacturers modified this part of Android quite heavily.
You could also try and use action Set Keyguard State: Off and later turn the keyguard on again using Set Keyguard State: On. This action is known to work unreliably on some devices (the keyguard can be displayed suddenly, e.g. when selecting a notification, even when it's still turned off).
You can also try to use action Execute Root Command: input keyevent 82 which allows to unlock the device on some ROMs.


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Re: Unlocking touch screen rooted Moto-x

Postby markd89 » 19 Apr 2014 14:53

Thanks gentlemen. This was the help I needed.

I am running the Kankat ROM on my Moto-X (Android 4.42). This ROM is mostly stock but Dismiss Slide to Unlock Keyboard did not work by itself.

It took some experimentation, but using the EAP build, this was the combo that seemed to work...

to Unlock:

Set Lock Pattern State: OFF
Set Keyguard State: OFF
Dismiss Slide to Unlock Keyboard

to Lock:
Set Lock Pattern State: ON
Lock Device

I'm attaching my Flow here in case it is useful to someone else. The purpose is when the Network changes (i.e. Wifi to Cell or Cell to Wifi) that Neorouter will start/connect so that the VPN is always active. YMMV if this needs some adjustment to work on your device...

Thanks again for all the help! (edit: Thanks also for such a kick ass app!!)
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