Known Issues on Android Q

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Known Issues on Android Q

Postby Martin » 14 Mar 2019 21:40

This posts lists the currently known issues on Android Q. Please note that Q is still in beta and might change quite a lot in the next few months. Please note that the list is not complete. Please let me know if you should know of any other issue or rumors about issues on Android Q. You can send issue reports either as a reply to this post or send a mail to

Background activity starts
Automagic will not be allowed to start activities anymore from background (when the UI of Automagic is not currently displaying in foreground).
This will affect many actions like Start Activity, Launch App, Launch Shortcut, Open URL in Browser, Input Dialog, Message Dialog and conditions Debug Dialog and Confirmation Dialog and likely some additional actions and conditions. No workaround is currently known that will make the actions/conditions work exactly the same on Q.
Workarounds: not known yet, just an idea for a workaround (that might be blocked in a later beta so I'm not going to disclose anything yet)

Clipboard data
Automagic can not read the clipboard anymore when the UI of Automagic is not currently displaying in foreground and has input focus. This means that action Copy Text from Clipboard and trigger Clipboard Changed will be mostly useless when no workaround can be found.
Workarounds: not known yet, just an idea for a workaround that could make the action work again, but not the trigger

Enable and disable Wi-Fi
Automagic will likely not be able to enable/disable WiFi anymore.
Workarounds: not likely

Scoped storage
Apps will not have access to files in general on external storage anymore except when the file access is done via the storage access framework so a workaround should be possible (but untested).
Workarounds: should be possible with storage access framework but I fear that performance and reliability will suffer

Non-resettable hardware identifiers
Access to some device identifiers will be limited (MAC address, IMEI etc.).
Workarounds: not likely

Feel free to check out the developer documentation that contains all disclosed restrictions:

The checklist page also summarizes the restrictions quite well:

Thanks & Regards,

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Re: Known Issues on Android Q

Postby elektroinside » 15 Mar 2019 00:09

"This behavior change helps minimize interruptions for the user and keeps the user more in control of what's shown on their screen."

But we are in control of these. In fact, we never have been more in control, thanks to AM.

Am I the only one feeling that Google's Android is heading towards Apple's iOS mentality?

Something has to be done, I really don't want another iOS copy on my future phones. And I also don't want to use Google's Home to automate my life, if the goal is to forcibly migrate Android users to Google Home & Google Assistant, cause I suspect these will work just fine with Q.

Google, I'm telling you, if you f**k up my AM flows, I'll stop buying your software and stop using your services. You've been warned. You hear me, you Google bot crawling this forum? Tell this to your master.

Oh, I bet I'll not be alone on this boat.

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Re: Known Issues on Android Q

Postby ariloc » 15 Mar 2019 02:33

No more launching apps or activities? That's unacceptable from Google. Ok, limit some info known about calls to other apps. Allright, limit access to the clipboard, that's something useful, but not a dealbreaker for me. But launching apps and even Input Dialog gets broken? They're going off hand. It's supposed that updates are made to implement new features, not to delete them. Google is killing what made Android a better option. That may have done Android a bit less secure than iOS, but restricting things with no common sense is just not the way to go.

I hope they check for certain apps that their main functionality is based on this and try to make exceptions, but they should manage them much better than last time. Or even just let the user choose what permissions wants for an app in a better, comprehensive way, where they are explicitly acknowledged about what they are permitting.

Anyway, thanks Martin for letting us that early what's changing in the next Android version, pretty good you could get your hands on the beta!

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Re: Known Issues on Android Q

Postby Desmanto » 15 Mar 2019 02:42

I am calculating the damage projections if this restriction implemented (as per now)
Copy Text from Clipboard : 15
Start Activity : 39
Launch App :25
Launch Shortcut : 5
Open URL in Browser : 16
Input Dialog : 117
Message Dialog : 17
Total 234 actions (from 1698 actions, 13,78%)

Debug Dialog : 106
Confirmation Dialog : 32
Total 138 conditions (from 853 conditions, 16,18%)

This will most likely affects more than half of my total flows (219), which is about 100 flows, as I use Input Dialog a lot.

BTW, I read at the activity restriction, the 3rd lines :
Enable restrictions by turning off the Allow background activity starts developer option
I wonder if this going to be expanded/stayed until the Q released

@elektroinside : You are not alone, even Automagic's users are not alone. Other tasker, automation app and many useful legitimate app also faced the same problem. Someone should make an issue tracker to reverse this action. Or at least, request to provide a proper restriction method as permission,
"Allow app to start background activity"
"Allow app to read clibpoard in background"
These will be much better solution, rather than restrict everything altogether.

During 2,5 years, I have seen Automagic threaten by the Accessibility restriction (2017), call/sms restriction (2018), and this year will be clipboard and background activity. After the call/sms drama has just passed, Google is pulling new trick again on these 2. Google (or should I call skynet) really turning more iOS from year to year.
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