todo.txt - A simple todo list manager

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todo.txt - A simple todo list manager

Post by vamzicool » 11 Jul 2019 05:58

todo.txt as the name susggests is a text file to store your todo list(stored in your download folder). It follows the format outlined in

Since automagic does not have a gui form to hold gui controls im using the good old custom widget as gui interface to todo.txt

this widget todo.txt has 6 clickable portions with following functions :

bottom right click :- adds a new task
bottom middle click :- edit a task
bottom left click :- delete a task

middle right click :- complete a task
middle middle click :- sync to dropbox
middle left click :- search tasks

top right click :- change priority
top middle click :- filter projects
top left click :- filter contexts

An example of a task format is :

x 2019-07-11 (A) 2019-07-11 Buy milk @home +grocery due:2019-07-11

where :

(A) :- is a priority based on which the tasks are automatically sorted. priorities range from capital (A) to (Z). you can change priority of an existing task by top right click. priority alwasy comes first.

2019-07-11 is the created date which comes after the priority. no need to enter this date as it is automatically generated on creating a new task

Buy milk is the task

@home is the context of the task. you can filter tasks based on existing contexts by top left click

+grocery is the project of the task, you can filter tasks based on existing projects by top middle click

due:2019-07-11 is the due date for the task which you have to manually enter

x 2019-07-11 denotes a completed task which can be done by middle right click. clicking it once more undo the operation. it is automatically generated

So, enable all the flows, put the todo.txt widget on your homescreen , resize it to full screen, execute load tasks flow first(you can put this flow in your automagic startup if you wish) and now you can click on various widget areas for all the functions. Thank You :-)

Load the flows and widgets given below : ... 99abd1d3db

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Re: todo.txt - A simple todo list manager

Post by Indiboy » 28 Jul 2019 04:35

U can make widgets with a cross button and use shortcuts to display widgets automatically and hence in a way ur gui is done
Also please use a nice pink image or something as background thats less stressful to eyes.
Nice flows

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